Twenty-something single, attractive professional female seeks love, romance and the high life. Losers need not apply.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to my dating and relationships blog!

This space is a forum for me to creatively express myself as I separate the men from the boys in the world of being a singleton.

I am fresh on the dating scene after coming out of a two-year relationship.  My ex was a lovely guy, but I felt like I was selling myself short during our time together. We were at different stages in our lives. I began to crave a man who mirrors where I am within myself – someone who is successful, ambitious, confident and driven.

So I let go of the old, of what no longer serves me and here I am. It’s certainly an exciting place to be. I get to attract what I really want, cosmic order Mr Big and enjoy the whole process as it unfolds.

To spare my own and other people’s reputations, careers and integrity, this blog will be kept anonymous. It’s probably just as well because I will write graphically about my experiences, including sex.

I would encourage you to leave your feedback and all comments are welcome. I want this to be a place where people can share their dating and relationship tales, warts and all.

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